More human than human The original Blade Runner is my favourite film of all time. I have seen every version released to the public several times and possess all manner of memorabilia and fan merchandise. In fact, I make a point of watching the “Final Cut” version of the film at least once a year to remind me of just how good films can truly be. I believe it to be a… Read More

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released. Episode 74 – Interview With Abylight Studios – Developers of Super Hydorah Featuring… Rhys (/u/delicious_cheese) Ross (/u/moss842) Carina (u/RetroKrystal) Clay (/u/uncle_jessy) Rhys, Carina and Ross discuss the latest happenings from the subreddit and the world of Xbox including and interview with Alberto McAlby and Eva Gaspar from Abylight Studios, developers of Super Hydorah. *We apologise for the poor sound quality during the interview…. Read More

You’ve gone and spilt golf all over my Earthbound… Golf Story, from Australian developers Sidebar Games, is one of the most bizarre (yet oddly charming and self-aware) games I have played in a long time. If you ever played the isometric JRPG classic “Earthbound” on the SNES and thought “This game is ok, but what would make it REALLY great is if it were set on a golf course” Then I may… Read More

Something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time now is create a second instagram account. My first one is a novelty account based on showing what i’m eating at any given time. This new one will also be a novelty account of sorts, but it will be dedicated to posting pictures of all the cute little kitties that i have come across during my travels. You can check it out… Read More

One does not typically associate China with Arabic style cuisine or Muslim culture – However, bang in the centre of Xi’an is a thriving Muslim community dwelling within the aptly named Muslim quarter of the city. A sprawling maze of covered markets, street food and ancient Mosques. Truly, a cacophony of colour, sights and smells. Let’s explore! Typically when one thinks Xi’an, one immediately thinks of the Terracotta Army that is housed… Read More

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released. Episode 73 – We Visit Rare HQ And Play the Xbox One X at EGX Featuring… Rhys (/u/delicious_cheese) Ross (/u/moss842) Carina (u/RetroKrystal) Clay (/u/uncle_jessy) Ross, Rhys, Carina and Clay discuss the latest happenings from the subreddit and the world of Xbox including details about our visit to Rare and playing the Xbox One X at EGX. Episode 73 topics include: What Carina Played… Read More

I am just going to say it; The Greek island of Rhodes is one of the most amazing tourist destinations in the world. Rhodes is the largest member of the Dodecanese island group and is nestled under Turkey so closely that on a clear day you can easily see her shores from the capital of the island, Rhodes town – One of the most utterly enchanting, and possibly best preserved, medieval walled… Read More

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released. Episode 72 – Interview with Mister Ruxpin (Ambassadors Program) Featuring… Rhys (/u/delicious_cheese) Ross (/u/moss842) Carina (u/RetroKrystal) Clay (/u/uncle_jessy)   Episode 72 topics include: Accidental Cross-Play Xbox one increasing DVR capture to 1080p on all consoles INTERVIEW – Terrance Thomas aka Mister Ruxpin. Streaming lead for the Xbox Ambassadors program. Length: 01:05:27 Episode 73 will be out on Thursday, September 28th. If you could… Read More

On holiday in glorious Morocco but thirsting for something different? The hustle and bustle of Fez driving you up the wall? Then you seriously need to take a trip to Meknes; One of the most criminally underrated cities in all of Arab Africa. The Imperial city of Meknes is perched atop a hill in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco, about an hours drive from Fez. It sports a spectacular royal palace,… Read More

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released. Episode 71 – Interview with Wizard_Fu, Developer of Songbringer Featuring… Rhys (/u/delicious_cheese) Clay (u/Uncle_Jessy) Carina (u/RetroKrystal) Rhys, Carina and Uncle Jessy discuss the latest happenings from the subreddit and the world of Xbox including an interview with Nathanael Weiss AKA Wizard_Fu, the solo developer of Songbringer. Length: 01:04:11 Episode 72 will be out on Thursday, September 21st. What Is Songbringer? Songbringer is a… Read More

Zelda without shirts… Songbringer is a top-down, Zelda inspired, procedurally generated roguelike – Slathered with a healthy dose of late 70s/early 80s hyper-macho cheeseball, ala the “Heavy Metal” comic book series. It sports a beautifully detailed pixel art graphical style and epic retro synth soundtrack. Songbringer challenges you to tear off your shirt, put on your cyber top hat and dive into its randomly created worlds, over and over. Songbringer was developed… Read More

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released. Episode 70 – Are Marketing Deals Ruining Gaming? (Sofia Hariz Returns) Featuring… Rhys (/u/delicious_cheese) Ross (/u/moss842) Carina (u/RetroKrystal) Episode 70 topics include: Big congrats to /u/majornelson on having his first child! Well technically second, Xbox is his first baby When the marketing deal is bad enough that they can’t even refer to the Xbox One by name Shadow of War developer who died… Read More

Looking for something a little different to do in Hong Kong? A way to escape the hustle and bustle of downtown H.K Island and Kowloon? I may have just the thing for you…. Tai-O 大澳 is a small fishing village and shanty town built on stilts. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Lautau island it has a lengthy history as a smugglers bay. During and after the Chinese Civil War, Tai-O became… Read More

Time to rock your world… Atlus, the Japanese publisher/developer better known for its popular Persona series, brings us the sequel to what many, including myself, consider to be one of the most criminally hidden gems of the previous gaming generation; Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder. A game about classical art, childish slapstick humour, real-time strategy and smashing things with giant rocks. If that sounded like utter insanity to you –… Read More

If you are looking for a slightly different day out in down town Helsinki, you could always try heading over to the old Hietaniemi Cemetery that is sitting right on the western edge of the Helsinki peninsula. Founded in 1828, this large and sprawling cemetery contains the graves of past Finnish presidents, politicians, artists, war heroes and many other people of cultural and historical importance. This is considered to be culturally and… Read More

Every year on the first 2 weekends of September the Helsinki Zoo, Korkeasaari holds a 2-day event called the Kissojen Yö (Night of the Cats).  The zoo is open from 4pm till midnight, and everyone is encouraged to come late into the night, while its large collection of big and exotic cats are out and about, rather than sleeping in the back of their enclosure. Korkeasaari is a small island, just off… Read More

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released. Episode 69 – Cross-play is Carina’s Destiny (Interview: Bloober Team, the devs of Observer) Rhys, Clay and Ross discuss the latest happenings from the subreddit and the world of Xbox including our thoughts on Gamescom 2017. We’ve tried something different this week, like it? let us know in the comments below. Featuring… Rhys (/u/delicious_cheese) Ross (/u/moss842) Clay (/u/uncle_jessy ) Carina (u/RetroKrystal ) Episode… Read More

Hoo boy have I got a destination for you! Trust me, there is Norway you are gonna forget it. Ha ha ha……ha…. Sorry. Anyway, our goal today? – Neverdalsfjellet (Try saying that 3 times fast). A 700-meter tall mountain peak, boasting one of the non-official wonders of the natural world: Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). A large overhanging rock that sticks out from the side of the mountain, giving you a monstrous cliff with… Read More

There is a lot of things that people do when they visit Japan. You eat sushi and yakitori. You visit the Tokyo Sky Tree, or wander through the old town of Gion, in Kyoto – But its all been done! If you are looking for something truly different; A real one of a kind experience, then you owe it to yourself to spend at least one night in Mount Koya. Mount Koya… Read More

What is real? From Bloober Team, the Polish game developers who previously brought us the “insane Victorian-era painter simulator” Layers of Fear, comes yet another spine-tingling horror game release; Observer – A mind-bending, psychedelic, cyberpunk, 80s throwback, horror, first person, haunted house, crime-solving walking simulator. No, really.