Xbox One Party Chat Podcast: Episode 80

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released.

Episode 80 – EA Drama and a Tinder Podcast Review




We apologise for the reduction of the sound quality from 12 minutes in, a technical issue meant we had to use our skype backup recording.

Clay, Rhys and the returning Ross discuss the latest happenings from the subreddit and the world of Xbox including the drama surrounding Battlefront and a podcast review from a unlikely source. We also debut the first Host v Host challenge featuring Jon McFarlane, host of the Rare Sea of Thieves podcast ‘Tales From the Tavern’


  • Our thoughts on Battlefront 2
  • Host V Host
  • Features in the next update

Length: 01:01:36


Episode 80 will be out on Thursday, November 23rd

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