Xbox One Party Chat Podcast: Episode 70

/r/XboxOne the official podcast of the Subreddit is released.

Episode 70 – Are Marketing Deals Ruining Gaming? (Sofia Hariz Returns)


Episode 70 topics include:

  • Big congrats to /u/majornelson on having his first child! Well technically second, Xbox is his first baby
  • When the marketing deal is bad enough that they can’t even refer to the Xbox One by name
  • Shadow of War developer who died of cancer immortalized as an in-game orc slayer. Money from selling that DLC will be sent to his family.
  • Microsoft and Amazon partner to integrate Alexa and Cortana digital assistants – The Verge
  • content in Destiny 2.

Length: 00:45:48

Episode 71 will be out on Thursday, September 14th.


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