I am a moderator for – The 8th largest website in the US. I oversee several of the largest subdomains including;

  • Gaming – The largest gaming community on earth. Over 17 million subscribers, and well over 200 million page hits per month.
  • Xbox One – The largest Xbox One fan community. Over 500,000 subscribers, and over 20 million page hits a month. Heavy official Microsoft and industry member presence.
  • Xbox Insiders – The official Microsoft owned and operated community for the “Xbox Insider Program” – Which is a public beta testing program for the Xbox One Console.
  • Nintendo – Over 300,000 subscribers. A large dedicated and hardcore Nintendo fanbase.
  • PlayARK – The official ARK: Survival Evolved subreddit. Was brought on by Studio Wildcard employees.
  • Xbox Themes – A community for sharing, creating and requesting artwork for the Xbox One dashboard.
  • Finland – The official english language sub-domain for Finland.
  • Consoles – A community dedicated to discussing video games consoles, without brand preference.
  • Xbox Achievements – A community dedicated to the Xbox Achievements system.
  • Torment – Fanbase for the Torment series of videogames.

I deal with industry professionals, Microsoft staff and game/app developers on a daily basis and I also organize and host the Reddit Xbox One “Party Chat” podcast, which has interviewed industry giants such as; Larry Hyrb (Xbox Live’s Major Nelson), Aaron Greenburg, Graeme Boyd, David Braben, IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey and more.

My duties on these communities include, but are not limited to:

  • CSS programming.
  • Web design
  • Graphics, skins and icons
  • Custom artwork and keyframe animations for special events
  • Community management
  • Comment moderation (deletion, filtration, monitoring, announcements, warnings e.t.c)
  • Organizing community events (Playdates, Competitions, Tournaments, Community goals)
  • Contacting developers and games industry professionals about various issues and partnership deals via email, social media, skype and reddit
  • Organizing interviews, themes, promotions, giveaways and “Ask Me Anything” Q&A sessions with industry professionals and game developers
  • Dealing with technical issues and customer service
  • Gathering community feedback and implementing user focused improvements
  • Creation and implementation of subreddit rules
  • Writing and maintaining the wiki pages, which include FAQs, Technical help, Games release lists e.t.c
  • Rendering feedback for developers to assist in development and technical fixes/patching
  • Creating and maintaining social media accounts
  • Creation of, planning, organizing and hosting of the Xbox One official podcast
  • Sourcing of podcast interviews from industry members