Frontier Developments

I have worked with Frontier Developments to promote Elite: Dangerous across social media platforms and on reddit.

I was interviewed for the Frontier Developments community spotlight about the work i have done for them on the Xbox One subreddit.

Interview Link

I also participated in the 24 hour “SpecialEffect” charity livestream as a guest, in both 2016 and 2015.


I partnered with Frontier to host an 2 separate AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A Sessions for their game, Elite: Dangerous. One with industry giant David Braben.

David Braben AMA

Frontier Developments team AMA

I hosted and organised 2 contests for Elite: Dangerous on the Xbox One subreddit.

Contest 1 Link


Contest 2 Link

This content resulted in the creation of actual in game items and lore, based on the winners.

I interviewed Frontier Developments CEO: David Braben on the Party Chat podcast


I designed and implemented 2 different subreddit skins for the Xbox One subreddit to advertise Elite: Dangerous, as well as the subreddit skin for the Elite Dangerous fan community on reddit.